Open Skies Agreement: A New Era for D.R. and U.S. Aviation

The skies have never been more welcoming between the Dominican Republic and the United States, thanks to the newly signed Open Skies Agreement. This landmark deal is set to revolutionize air travel for both nations, fostering an era of unprecedented connectivity and economic opportunity.   A Milestone in Aviation On a historic day, officials from […]

Catamaran Caribbean Punta Cana – Welcoming Our American Guests

Punta Cana continues to be a top destination for American tourists, who make up the majority of visitors to the Dominican Republic. According to the latest report, a significant 68.8% of tourists come from the United States. This trend highlights the enduring appeal of Punta Cana’s beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. Tourists received […]

DR Welcomes Over 5 Million Visitors Between January and May 2024

The Dominican Republic has set a new record in tourism, welcoming an impressive 5,087,134 visitors between January and May 2024. This significant milestone underscores the country’s growing appeal as a top travel destination in the Caribbean.   This influx represents a notable increase compared to previous years, with a breakdown showing 3,481,440 tourists arriving by […]

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